Our Guitar Lessons program is excellent for kids, teens, and adults – easy and fun for everyone from beginners to shredders. Play your favorite tunes to build skills and ability! Grow at your pace, practicing left and right-hand techniques, chords & scales, modes, tone building and most importantly- confidence. Whether you’re interested in acoustic or electric, we will help you get to the level you want to be.

What a typical guitar lesson looks like:

Warm-ups– Most don’t know that your wrists and fingers tend to fall asleep a bit when you’re not using them frequently. We’ll start every lesson with quick warm ups that you can also do at home when practicing by yourself.

Song Work– of our guitar lessons are focused on song work. The best way to learn is by playing the music that inspired you to pick up the guitar in the first place! Don’t be intimidated if you are a beginner! songs like Yellow Submarine by the Beatles are easier to play than you think, and you will be surprised at what you can play in your very first guitar lesson!

Technique and Musicianship– To grow into a better musician, we will give you some skill building work that will help you hear what is working, and how it works. These take the form of exercises, scales, chord changing, and ear training practice. We will help you build your personal arsenal of techniques and skills that you can use to solo, improvise, and even compose your own music.

Music Theory– You will learn music theory through the song, technique, and style that you are currently working on in your guitar lesson. To put it simply, we don’t just teach you HOW to play, but WHY it works. You will walk away with a rich understanding of music and the ability to play whatever is on your mind, with and without sheet music!

What to do when you are not here– one of the most difficult barriers to overcome while learning guitar is knowing exactly what to practice. Sure, they all say, “PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!”, but what and how do you practice?  At the end of our guitar lessons, we will discuss what we learned along with why we learned it. We will let you know EXACTLY what you need to take home and how to practice it before next week’s lesson so that you are constantly growing.


Meet our guitar instructors: Bill, Zac, Luke, Jacob

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