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lessons Are on video Apps, and in Person When Safe Again.

Zoom and FaceTime are working great for our lessons and groups.  Summer Camps are redesigned as workshops and classes.  Schedules are below.  Expect the same lesson time and experience - fun, interactive, and personal.   We connect on our phones, pads, and computers for individual lessons, bands and groups for every age, and are back in person as soon as possible.

We're looking at a park performance where we can invite you to watch your students safely, and have some fun.  The Summer Recording Project is planned for August, with all private students recording a song in our Recording Studio.   Call for information, to change or start lessons at 562-598-0111.  We are all carrying on.

Thank you everyone, Bill & OSM Academy staff

The heart of music exploration in long beach

Pop, Rock, Music Theater, Classical, and Children of all ages!

On Stage Music Academy is a home for aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels. From non-formal  Early Childhood Development, to formal learning, musical theater, and bands, we have something for everybody.

Founded by Director Bill McRae, we put emphasis on immersion in music, learning and using your skills, with real stage experience.  We have LIVE performances within our facility, local venues, and recording projects. 

Come explore our dynamic and inclusive community; a place for making, learning, and sharing music.

Early Childhood Development (8mo - 8 years)

Music Together, Big Kids Music Tour..

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Kids and Teens

Private lessons, group lessons, and bands..

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Adult Music

Private lessons, group lessons, bands, and Karaoke..

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Bands and Groups

Live performances, Recording projects, and more..

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Dont Miss out! Kids classes have started!

These non-formal lessons give kids the chance to express their creativity while having fun!

Exposure to a variety of instruments, so they are better prepared for formal lessons.

Immersion through the use of REAL gear gives them useful beginner skills.


Music Together - Family Class (Ages 8mo - 5 years)

Kids Music Tour and Singing Stars (Ages 5- 8)

Music Theatre - "Showcase Singers" (Ages 7 - 17)


Call now to enroll! (562)-598-0111


SPRING CAMP: April 13th - 17th

SUMMER CAMPS: June 22nd - August 21st

Rock Show Poster

Come to our Dipiazza Rock Show on Sunday, February 16th to watch our On Stage Bands perform! More information can be found on our events page.

We love our community, and our community loves us! Check what they say about us on Yelp!

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