Bill teaches a wide variety of lessons here at On Stage Music Academy, including Piano/Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Early Childhood Development, Band, Performance, Songwriting, and Recording Production.

Bill has a background in various genres, such as pop, classical, rock, scoring, and more.  He guides students to see their instruments and to hear what is happening.  His training may, or may not use music notation, depending on the student and their focus.  He cross-trains students across disciplines, studying notes and composition (using musicianship and theory).  Classical students learn by progressive training in notation, chords, keys, scales, ear skills, audition, rhythmic practice, chord chart reading, with a focus on great composers of each era.  Pop students develop many of the same skills but focus on the great artists and writers of our current time.

Having fun is Bill’s first priority. Enjoying music immediately is his goal, ahead of technical skills.  If students love what they are doing, they will want to do more.

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