On Stage Karaoke

Our karaoke class is a complete class that lets you sing what you want to sing, while getting all the benefits of private voice lessons.

Our course instructor Celeste helps guide you by giving you professional feedback, improving your vocal performances.

The course includes warm ups, technique, critiques, feedback, performances, and more!

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On Stage Karaoke


You can expect every lesson to include song work focused on the songs that have inspired you to pick up the instrument in the first place. We will focus on the specific tricks and techniques that are unique to your favorite style of music. So if you’re having trouble trying to connect the pentatonic scale positions, wondering what the “blues scale” is, or simply don’t know where to start, our adult music lessons will guide you through and get you an understanding of a performing musician.




Our adult music lessons are a combination of private instruction and group rehearsal sessions. The bands practice together once a week, while during the rehearsal we focus on each individual and their part within the band. Adult music lessons in the form of a band, playing rock and pop music, are the most fun and fastest way to achieve your music goals. Instructors coach each band in everything from soloing, to accompany, both at a rehearsal as well as on stage at a live performance!

Group Rehearsal

There’s more to it than just playing the song. Learn how to hype the crowd, impress the audience with passion, and have fun as part of a group!


Performance Band

Our program is about growing through collaboration. Our popular instruments (non-orchestral) are available for every level. Your favorite music is also ours – we will tailor our learning program to the style and genre that moves you. Private lessons support the main part of your training – achieving what your goals and aspirations are.


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