Have fun while developing your voice, your confidence, and your performance skills. Feel the growth right away with the right kind of practice through great instruction. Have a stronger voice with improved tone, extend your range, practice microphone technique, and have a voice that is protected from burn out.

Each individual voice lesson includes:

Warm-ups- If you watch movies and TV shows, you might have seen the typical singer warming up before their show making silly sounds like the classic, “me me me ME me me me…..”. This is called a vocal warm up. Although it can sometimes sound silly, these are very important exercises that help extend your vocal range and strength and avoid injury while singing. Our voice lessons begin with warm-ups specifically designed for your voice and musical goals.

Song work- All of our voice lessons are focused on song work. The best way to learn is by singing the songs that inspired you from the beginning. We’ll show you exactly how to hit those powerful notes in your favorite songs from Adele to Taylor Swift, Adam Levine to Robert Plant, and Steve Perry to Ed Sheeran. Whoever inspires you, we will focus on learning their unique sounds and techniques.

Technique and Musicianship- As you grow within the world of music and learn to sing your favorite songs, you will notice there are certain tricks and techniques that are shared throughout various styles. These techniques can be applied anywhere and anytime you are singing. With the understanding of music theory, we will help you build your arsenal of voice techniques that will help you grow your musical career.

Music Theory- You will learn music theory through the song, technique, and style that you are currently working on in your voice lesson. To put it simply, we don’t just teach you HOW to play, but WHY it works. You will walk away with a rich understanding of music and the ability to play whatever is on your mind, with and without sheet music!

What to do when you are not here- one of the most difficult barriers to overcome while learning voice is knowing exactly what to practice. Sure, they all say, “PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!”, but what and how do you practice?  At the end of our voice lessons, we will discuss what we learned along with why we learned it. We will let you know exactly what you need to take home and how to practice it before next week’s lesson so that you are constantly growing.


Check out our vocal instructors in their own, self-produced cover of One Less Bell to Answer!

Meet our voice instructors: Julie, Marissa, Celeste,

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