Get your groove on with our drum lessons program – from private instruction to guided band practices, you get the whole experience from the start. Play on a full acoustic drum set or a pro electronic set. You will have also opportunities to play on Cajon, Conga, and Latin percussion so you will get a taste of it all.

Here’s what our typical drum lessons look like:

Warm-ups You can imagine that drumming can be some serious work, especially on the shoulders, arms, and wrists. When practicing, it is very important to warm up with stretches and exercises. Not only will this loosen up your playing for smooth grooves, but it will help to prevent injuries in the long run. We start every lesson with quick warm-ups and stretches that you can do at home to ensure drumming health!

Song Work– All of our drum lessons are focused on song work. The best way to learn is by playing the songs that inspired you to pick up the sticks in the first place! We will show you unique styles and techniques to help you reach your drumming aspirations. Our drum instructors are experienced with all genres, such as Rock, Pop, Reggae, and Southern-American beats.

Technique and Rhythm Reading– As you grow within the world of music and learn to play various songs, beats, and rhythms, you will notice certain similarities across different artists. These tricks and techniques can be borrowed and reconstructed in various creative ways. We will help you build your personal arsenal of techniques that you can use to solo, fills, improvise, and even compose your own rhythms.

Music Theory– You will learn drums notation and musical structure through the song, technique, and style that you are currently working on in your drum lesson. To put it simply, we don’t just teach you HOW to play, but WHY it works. You will walk away with a rich understanding of music and the ability to play whatever is on your mind, with and without sheet music!

What to do when you are not here– one of the most difficult barriers to overcome while learning drums is knowing exactly what to practice. Sure, they all say, “PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!”, but what and how do you practice?  At the end of our voice lessons, we will discuss what we learned along with why we learned it. We will let you know exactly what you need to take home and how to practice it before next week’s lesson so that you are constantly growing.


Meet our drum instructors: Zac, Luke, Bill

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