Bass Lessons at On Stage Music Academy are tailored to who you are, your likes and skills. Whether you are just beginning or a bit more advanced, you will have fun.  Jam and play your favorite tunes to build skills and experience. You will study left and right-hand techniques, slap, pop, improving groove, timing, and feel.  When you are ready, we want you to be part of an amazing rhythm section with one of our student bands.


Here’s what our typical bass lessons look like: 

Warm-ups– get you ready to play and practice between lessons.  Each session, you will warm up with some simple exercises. It is very important to warm up those hands and wrists. Not only will it make your playing smoother, but you will avoid injuries like carpal tunnel in the long run. We will start every lesson with quick warm ups that you can do at home.

Song Work– All of our bass lessons are focused on song work. The best way to learn is by playing the music that inspired you to pick up the bass in the first place! Don’t be intimated if you are a beginner. Many pop and rock songs are a lot easier to play than you think. You will be surprised what you can play on your very first lesson!

Technique and Musicianship– To grow into a better musician, we will give you some skill building work that will help you hear what is working, and how it works. These take the form of exercises, scales, chord changing, and ear training practice. We will help you build your personal arsenal of techniques and skills that you can use to solo, improvise, and even compose your own music.

Music Theory and Ear Training– You will learn music theory through the song, technique, and style that you are currently working on in your guitar lesson. To put it simply, we don’t just teach you how to play, but why it works. You will walk away with a rich understanding of music and the ability to play whatever is on your mind, with and without sheet music!

What to do when you are not here– one of the most difficult barriers to overcome while learning the bass is knowing exactly what to practice. Sure, they all say, “PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!”, but what and how do you practice?  At the end of our bass lessons, we will discuss what we learned along with why we learned it.


Meet our bass instructors: Zac, Luke, Jacob, Bill

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