What Are Early Childhood Development Classes?

What are Early Development Childhood Classes?

Have you been hearing “Early Childhood development” or seen ECD and didn’t really know what the author meant? Well, we are happy to clarify!. As you already know, the soft ages between 0-8 are the years of skills and motor development. As such, it is super important to keep the youngies stimulated, active, and exposed to new concepts. Music Early Development Childhood classes do exactly that through music. Music together (ages 0-4) and Kids Music Tour (ages 5-8) are classes focused on the need of the young musicians for them to build and establish a strong skill set for life.

Did you know? A six-year study conducted by the University of Melbourne on 4,000 children beginning age 4 reveals that those children who have parents reading to them three times a week have better mathematical abilities and have become better readers than those who did not, according to Bundoo. Teachers also consider reading aloud as an effective tool in breaking the wall between teacher and students. It also aids in better classroom management and improve children's academic performance because it exposes them to more comprehension challenges.

Aside from the intellectual benefits that children get, reading aloud develops their social interaction. They are able to enter the world of the story and explore beyond what they heard and bring it to the next level.

Music together- Music Together lessons are music lessons for the child and parent to take together. The lessons focus on the children as they gain musicianship skills and social skills while strengthening the family bond- All through music activities that are enjoying for both the child and the adult.

Check out this article where Dr. Laurel Trainor, director of McMaster University’s Institute for Music and the Mind in Hamilton, Ontario, answers questions about music and infants.

Kids Music Tour - Kids Music Tour meets our 5-8 year olds where they are in their stage of learning and emotional and cognitive maturity. The 5 to 8 age group is too old for "baby/toddler/pre-school" music classes and too young to sit still and grasp the formal study of an instrument.  It is a unique music education program that bridges the gap between our earliest childhood development program, Music Together, and formal music lessons of older children.

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