On Stage Music Academy Recording Studio Project

As we mentioned before, our programs and facilities are not limited to instrumental and vocal lessons and group only. We also have a recording studio that is equipped with top quality gear, including microphones, speakerphones, earphones, audio software, and more.. and is operated by one of our engineers. This summer, instead of our live performances, we guided live recording sessions with our students!

Each student received studio time to record whatever is it they are working on in their lessons. The recording session took place with the student’s teacher in the room either accompany the students on an instrument or just for support and good spirit! Piano, drums, and guitar students sat in the studio, while vocalists and other instrumentalists such as violinists, sat in the recording booth to ensure best quality recording. Students in the booth communicated with the engineer through the shared window and the audio system.



The students had the opportunity to record several times throughout the session until they were pleased with their results. After they were done with the recordings, our engineer edited and mixed the tune to produce a full recorded track for the students! Once done, the students took the final mixed version home to show friends and family what incredible musicians they are!

This opportunity of recording sessions gave our students a taste of what it feels like to be a professional musician. Students had the opportunity to listen to themselves through earphones, learn to recognize and correct spots within their own performances, and accept the guidance of others other than their teacher. Moreover, they learned to work with the audio engineer in a studio environment, that is very different than live performance experience.

Every chance a student has to learn about the music business is a chance to take a glimpse into the future shall they decide to pursue a career as professional musicians or audio engineers. This experience can provide a better understanding of what it means to be a musician and how it is more than just playing an instrument or singing. It is also about working with others whether it's a band or studio crew. This recording project, together with our private lessons, group lessons, bands, and live performances gives our students 360 real-life participation in the music world.

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