What Kind of Guitar Should I Get?

Have you been trying to figure out what is the difference between various guitars and which one will be best for you? Whether you are looking to start your music adventure, a beginner guitar player, or already have some experience with guitar playing, there are a lot of guitars in the market so it might take some time for you to find the one that’ll fit bests your physical dimensions (a smaller child, an adult.. some of us are petite!!) as well as for your music goals.

Nylon Strings Acoustic (also known as Classical Guitar)

The nylon string guitar has quite a few advantages to it:
1. It has a wider fretboard (the guitar’s neck) and will be comfortable for those who have bigger hands. Those of us with smaller hands, however, might want to keep reading 😉 ).
2. Sound- Thanks to the nylon strings, the classical guitar has a mellow, warmer sound. So if you are planning to Rock n Roll, we’d say- keep reading!
3. Some of the genres that you can use (and probably should use) the guitar, is Classical music, Mariachi, and flamenco.
4. Nylon strings are the more “friendly” to guitar players- especially younger and beginners players with delicate fingers that haven’t gotten used to extensive playing quite yet, and won’t hurt your fingers as much as metal strings.

Sabicas is mastering the classical guitar

Steel Strings Acoustic Guitar

1. Unlike the nylon strings guitar, the steel strings acoustic guitar has a thinner neck, which makes it easier to reach, and is probably more suitable for the smaller-size bodies like children, teenagers, and petites.
2. Since the acoustic guitar has steel (bass) strings, it does hurt more at the beginning.. however, once the fingers get used to it, it’s easy breezy! Consistency is key!
3. This guitar has a brighter, "twangier" sound, so classical players- unless you are the innovative type (why not?! Go for it!)- but if not, you should stick to nylon guitar
4. Genres usually played with acoustic guitar are Country, Rock n Roll, and Pop

Here’s Ed Sheeran LIVE MASH for some acoustic love for ya!

Electric Guitar

1. The electric guitar is easier to play in the sense that you don’t have to push hard as the amp will do most of the sound production for you! As a result, you will find it’s not as painful as other guitars may be.
2. The downside- you have to also buy an amp, otherwise, the sound will be too soft
3. More playing options! If you are interested in experimenting with different sounds, this is the guitar for you! The electric guitar can produce various of sounds with different amps and pedals- call us for more info!
4. Electric guitar control the genres of Rock n Roll, Metal, Jazz, and Pop

Rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Prince knew how to get the best out of their guitars!

Music Lessons

For more information about the various guitar and to find out which one is best for you- schedule your free tour here or by phone at (562)598-0111- we’d love to meet you!

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