What Are Recitals And Why Do We Have Them?

By definition, a recital is “a program or concert by dance or music students to demonstrate achievement or progress.” – which is exactly why we hold them every quarter.

Recitals are meant for students to show all the hard work and effort they put in their music lessons! Live performances build the students’ self-confidence as they stand in the “center” to showcase the skills and abilities they gained developed in their music lessons. In addition, this gives them the opportunity to see other students and share this experience with them!

On Stage Music Academy recitals are divided into levels. Our Fun Recitals meant for beginner musicians. These recitals held in our facilities in front of friends and family in an intimate set-up. This gives the performers the exposure of a live performance in a no-pressure environment. Our Artists’ Recital is one-step above the fun recital, and is meant for our intermediate students to keep and develop their self-confidence and skills as they move forward in their musical journey!

The next level will be our Pop&Rock Showcase. This showcase is for those who feel ready to perform on stage like real working musicians! The showcase is being held in DiPiazza’s, a local restaurant-bar in Long Beach. Students play on “real” stage and in front of a bigger audience to experience the real thing! Individuals, duets, and bands are all fair game!


Lastly, for more advanced students we hold our Coffee House Artists Show that takes place at Viento y Agua Coffee House in downtown Long Beach. This is an intimate performance for individuals who feel strongly about their musical skills as they perform on stage by themselves, or with an accompany if needed. This is their chance to perform their own music in front of an audience for the first time!

Our recitals being held quarterly and published in our media, including our Facebook and Instagram so you can tag, like, share, and download your pictures to spread around friends and family!

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